I think I’ll head toward Canada tomorrow.

For no other reason than I can.

This picture came with the blog post setup.

But it’s pretty. And it’s calming and inviting. So I’m leaving it here.


One thought on “I think I’ll head toward Canada tomorrow.”

  1. Hey, this is cool. My daughter has a website. And I’m on it. Your Evil Step Mother sends her love, m’dear. And I send my envy. You said you were on your way to Nestor Falls. Your brother and I took a life challenging flight out of Nestor Falls (sea plane) in a fog so thick that the pilot had to stick his head out of the cock pit window looking for tree tops, in the hope he could get some idea of where the ground was, thereby locating our destination island. Unpubcawl, indeed. Stay thirsty, my friends. Your father says don’t talk to strangers (yeah, right) and drive safely.


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