About the UnPubCrawl:

A lot of people—myself included—sometimes wish they could just get in their car and drive. Sometimes we want to get away from something, but other times we just want to see new places, have adventures, meet random people, and collect new experiences.

I’ve just wrapped up my fifteenth semester at SPC. Now, after teaching for about a decade, I’m going back to start a PhD program this fall. But I have these three months in the middle between ending one segment and starting a very different chapter.

So I packed up my dog and my passport and we headed north. North because, 1) I hate the summer heat, and 2) Canadians seem really nice.

As an alcoholic in recovery, city girl, and extrovert, this little drive will inevitably present unanticipated challenges. And the problematic trials I’m talking about won’t have anything to do with my car or my tent—those are the easy ones. No, these challenges will take place in my head, like all the hardest tasks do. But I have my circle and I’m ready. And I’m anticipating great times ahead.

The only semblance of direction I really have is to meeting hop; a kind of misfit tour. What a great way to see Ontario! It’s funny, it feels a bit like going anti-bar-hopping. But “anti” sounded like I’m against bar hopping on principle, which I’m not. Hence my Un-Pub Crawl Adventure Around Canada!

So why am I driving around Canada? Well, I have this small block of time right now when I’m between careers, I have a car that runs great, and I have a little bit of money tucked away. Wouldn’t you?

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